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"I believe that everyone deserves to have their version of luxury in their home. Luxury defines differently with individuals. For me its not money which defines luxury or a specific style; its conscious living, comfort, privacy and convenience of every individual which defines luxury for that individual. I like to bring happiness and comfort in the space I design. I take pride in my design and I enjoy what I do. I live, sleep and breathe interior design."

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Hi, I’m Mufeeda, Interior Designer and founder of MS Interior Design, a Dubai-based design studio.


I created this business to address my clients’ needs when looking to create a beautiful, functional, and cozy family home. Over the years working as a designer, the key struggle I found in my clients was their inability to bring their vision to life. With so many options and the ever growing range of different materials and colors available, the building or renovation process can be extremely overwhelming.


As a designer I work with you every step of the way to help you create a home that reflects your personality and lifestyle. I am passionate about so many areas of the world of interiors, whether it is the architectural characteristics of a home, the different features of various interior styles, or the way a space can make you feel.


Regardless of whether you are looking to build or renovate, struggling to find an interior style you love, or simply need the finishing touches for your existing home, I offer a range of design services to suit any budget to help make your house a home. 


I love working with everyday families, and I hope to inspire and help you create a home you can enjoy for years to come.



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